Thursday, February 5, 2009

Should Dow Chemical (DOW) Purchase Rohm & Haas (ROH)

Here is a link to an article about some rich guy telling Dow Chemical (DOW) to complete the merger with Rohm and Haas (ROH). I'm still learning the blogging thing so if there is no hyperlink (sorry) just copy and paste the address into a browser window.

WHAT A JACKASS! My first question is why is it news? If the purpose is to show HOW SHELFISH THE GUY IS then cool. I guess for that I am grateful for the report.

The story is that he owns almost 10% of ROH and has a big paper loss with the expectation that he will have an actual loss if DOW does not go through with the purchase of ROH. Oh well bro, the deal didn't go through and in my opinion should not go through with the current terms. In arbitrage there is always the possibility that a deal dose not go through. I assume you way the odds of success and failure and calculate profit potential and loss potential. If the possible profit justifies taking the risk of loss then do the arbitrage transaction.

Hey rich guy, you took the gamble and maybe you lose this time. Send a letter to DOW saying do the deal even though paying 15 Billion (1.5 times DOW's 9 Billion market cap) for a company that has 9 Billion in revenue and 700 Million in profit seems pretty steep especially in the current market. You just look like a selfish jerk. DOW do the deal even though your major source of funding fell through and now you have to borrow most of the 15 Billion. Yeah rich guy makes no sense but if DOW can make you richer without you even investing in DOW why shouldn't everyone be cheering for the deal.

In my humble opinion you rich guy are the definition of a JACKASS!

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